Small Motorized Equipment (SME) Services

We are a service provider in the Ajax – Pickering, Markham – Stouffville and Scarborough areas.

SME Services is in the business of making house calls. We service and fix small, motorized equipment like lawnmowers, snow blowers, trimmers, weed eaters, rototillers etc.

Our objective is to get your equipment and recreational vehicles running in top shape to avoid / eliminate down time and surprises. We educate and service equipment to improve equipment life.

Looking for a detail oriented technical person? We look forward to hearing from you.

Annual lawnmower maintenance may include a yearly check up. Including blade sharpening, change oil, clean air filter, check spark plug, drain fuel and run dry for winter storage. We look forward to providing any of these services which would benefit you.

Trouble starting your small engine? Give us a call, we can help!

SME at your service!!

Tim Wise
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Winterizing Your Mower

Winter will soon be officially here! With the leaves all down and snow flying (depending where you are) it’s time to put away the lawnmower.

I was watching a video that says the mower engine is a fairly simple mechanism. therefore, only a few simple tricks make a spring start very easy. The gas makes its way to the fuel bowl by gravity. From there it moves through the carburetor where a very small tube allows it to be mixed with air by virtue of the venturi effect. The venturi effect is caused by the air being drawn into the engine.

It is the plugging of this very small hole that usually causes malfunctioning. Therefore, after warming up the lawnmower, shut it off, drain or pour out the remaining gas, then start it up and allow it to run until it quits on its own.

This should allow you an easy start next spring. The same principle applies to the snowblower!!

Have a great day, Tim

Winterizing Small Engine Machinery for Winter

Wow, another season of lawn maintenance has passed and wintery weather grips us! It’s a great time to winterize small engines on your lawn mower, weed eater, hedge trimmer etc.
A couple of simple interventions will make your spring start up a breeze.
1. Change the oil in your 4 stroke machines.
2. All machines -Pour out all the remaining fuel, storing it in a fuel safe container. Now start the machine and let it run until all the fuel is gone and it stops on its own. Store these machines in a weather proofed location and one which is not heated. Heated air becomes very dry and parches the fuel system potentially rendering it inoperable.
Look forward to touching base in the spring as we prepare to get started for another season.

Food security and Bio-intensive farming

Please find the link to a very good online course. This has been used repeatedly to improve peoples lives.

The in depth teaching on how soil works, agricultural basics, how the body works, our food as our medicine, nutrient density etc. This action packed video series provides a great education to promote change by answering the big one – WHY??

If you are involved in community development and food security, this is a must see. Get it while it’s hot!!

Papaya and Sick People

When we decide to explore plant based medicine, safety is the number one consideration. Mission critical is do no harm.

Many years ago, while working in Uganda, a friend with connections agreed with this hypothesis. He commissioned a scientific study to determine the LD50 of papaya.

LD50 is the lethal dose which kills 50% of the subjects. This test is performed using laboratory rodents. Not very nice but progress is costly.

Following are the results and recommendations. Please consider this scientific evidence as you consider recommending papaya for your patients. I believe they will thank you. I have benefited big time from this. I eat a 3-4 inch square of fresh leaf daily while in the tropics. My stomach is very strong as a result!! No missed days of work or missed nights sleep for emergency visits. No staying close to the washroom. No smooth muscle relaxants. Just smooth sailing!!

The link below goes to an LD50 study done at the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda