Can you believe it…

… only 12% of people in the world who have HIV have access to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs!! That means that there are approximately 30 million people who have no access to treatment – if this is the only global option available to people. In Canada, if 12% of people had access to health care, that would be a national catastrophe!!

Artemisia annua provides about 400,000 to 800,000 daily doses per hectare, while moringa provides over 2.2 million daily doses. Clearly there is no need to shrink back from the 30 million number due to cost – as in the pill based model.

Let’s recognize this issue for what it is – one which has an answer. And that answer lies in the plants.

The loss of a mother’s heart is too much for me to bear and too many are being lost, why? Because we refuse to look to the source of good quality medicine – plants.

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