What would you like for Christmas?

My friend asked me what I would like for Christmas. My reply was my two front teeth!! Really what I would like is an end to global hunger.

Science makes real progress each year in feeding the world. GMO’s have produced massive amounts of food and they are controversial, and I am not supporting or rejecting them. Time will tell. GMO’s have focused on annual plants while tropical agricultural stability and stability of food supply may rest on tree based agriculture – deep rooted, drought resistant plants. For people from the northern hemisphere with continental climates, please consider a different approach rather than a variation of annuals based agriculture – we have warm and cold seasons while tropical climates have wet and dry seasons.

One website says that 90% of the poorest of the poor live in the 10/40 window. Areas with tropical climates. So how do we improve their food security?

In Niger farmers may plant their crops up to 5 times in order to get a good plant population. This requires an incredible amount of work and seed. Tree based agriculture negates this as the trees simply go dormant during periods of drought and grow when rains start. No uncertainty of food supply.

Moringa has many benefits. It is a complete food – contains all 9 essential amino acids and vitamin C. People from the developed world have been indoctrinated on the need for a varied diet etc etc. People who lack resources like a 4 burner stove, an oven and lots of pots and pans, often eat a limited variety of foods. So what option do they have for realizing good nutrition? How about 1 food that has it all?
People living in tropical climates with wet and dry seasons, may dry food in order to survive the lean, dry months. This food may be used to feed humans and animals. What about a single source complete food packed with nutrients? Moringa leaf powder has many benefits. Take a look at these stats…



eating mooring for natural health


(This is not an endorsement of these company products or to be construed as medical advice).

A great source of information is to put moringa leaf powder into your favourite search engine and take a look at images – tons of great info!!

Have more(-inga) energy in your day.

Kind Regards, Tim

PS You do not need to be a bonafide nutritional expert to know whether you feel better after eating a food!!

Getting along at Christmas time

I heard it said that the best topic to write about is people’s personal demons. But what is a demon? Is it that little internal nudge that makes you do what you don’t want or stops you from doing what you should? Maybe it’s that anger or drinking problem? Whatever

pet peeve

it is, it causes you to do something or feel negative. Well, guess what? There’s a solution.

Many of these issues have their genesis in our emotional pools or reserves, which we gained in childhood. This is an extensive though not unfathomable study, one which many could benefit from. An example would be an unmet need from childhood, like attention from one’s parents, which causes us to get angry as adults when we are ignored in some way – could be someone who cuts us off in traffic or texts while talking to us. Whatever the trigger, our negative response comes from the pool of emotion we gained as kids when our folks did not pay attention to us – this may be true or may have been our perception.

But what can we do about it? Feel through the emotion from your childhood and the negative emotional response we are having in adulthood will subside. Wow!! Easy to say but hard to do. We may need the help of a therapist to help us make the connections between our adult issues and the childhood experiences that are at the root of these disconnected behaviors.

Janice Berger has been doing this work for over 25 years and has helped many people to emotional wellness. She has authored an excellent book on the topic which I found very insightful.

Getting along at Christmas time

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