Ebola and Plant based Treatment Options

I am constantly amazed at the medical communities objective in light of new outbreaks of diseases which have plagued man kind for millenia – let’s develop a vaccine.

Vaccines have yielded huge benefits to the human race, don’t get me wrong. However, people who live in remote areas and cannot access such treatment, need options. These people would benefit from not being subject to the weak link of supply chains, which ever malady they may have.

When I ponder such diseases as malaria with literally billions of cases annually, pills do not cut it for poor people. One set back in the move toward plant based solutions is pill sellers. Wealth creation has its roots in a healthy population. Pill sellers like their business. And it’s profits. But how much more could they make if the population was well and able to work to capacity? I venture to say they could make more selling windows, doors and construction materials. These are legitimate businesses in which pill sellers could participate.

Papaya leaves as medicineTake a boo at this article on papaya – one of my favorites for staying healthy in the tropics. It treats or prevents two of the 4 big killers – malaria and dysentery. I am walking proof that it works!!

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Kind Regards, Tim

Have a marvelous tropical holiday, topped off with a cup of papaya leaf tea daily!! Do some research to see if this product is suited to you!!

My condolences to those who have lost loved ones to the ebola outbreak.

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