Emotions and the News – Mr Snowden and the NSA

Emotions and the News – The NSA and Edward Snowden

Recent news has Mr. Snowden on the run from US authorities. The latter clearly dislike any negative news about their activities. Having been a federal contractor for several years, Mr Snowden must be aware of this reality.

So why would he embark on such an adventure, precipitated by his need to reveal what many likely suspected anyway? His stated reason is to reveal to people the reality/depth of the invasion of their privacy.

But with the real possibility of a very negative outcome, could there be another underlying reason? Many behaviours that lead to outcomes we do not want have unconscious drivers. These drivers come from our childhood. They are undealt with issues from those early years.

Clearly we know nothing of Mr Snowden’s upbringing, so the following is simply designed to increase awareness of the concept. With the aim of helping people avoid negative outcomes themselves.

The conditions from which Mr Snowden’s actions may have sprung, include worthlessness, numbness-deadness-flatness or guilt.

Feelings of worthlessness can result in feats of daring. The objective here may be to gain attention. Feelings of worthlessness can eminate from many sources, our parents not paying attention to us being one. As children, we interpret this unconsciously as meaning we are not worth being attended to. In this way we gain feelings of worthlessness which we may act out of, even as adults.

Numbness-deadness-flatness leaves us seeking repetitive, external stimuli to move us toward feeling. This condition can be caused by emotionally flat parents (plus 3 other causes). Were Mr Snowden’s parents emotionally flat intellectuals? He is clearly a very bright gentleman to have attained such prestigious governmental positions. If Mr Snowden suffered numbness-deadness-flatness, the idea of being pursued may have appealed to him.

Lastly, feelings of guilt can cause us to have the unconscious belief that we are responsible for other peoples feelings and happiness. Note the word unconscious. This condition can be gained if as children we had no choice but to blame ourselves when we do not measure up to high parental standards, for example. Also, critical and judgmental parents. Were these factors in Mr Snowden’s life?

I hope this provides a glimpse into the workings of how childhood experience can influence our current lives and choices.

Do you ever find yourself in a situation or taking a direction in life and you think, What am I doing? Or Why is this just not working out?

If you do, you may find some insights in the emotional guide which is available through the links in my site. The objective here is to help you connect your current puzzling behaviour to the “stuff” that happened to you during your developmental years.

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