Why Plant based Health Options? Part 2

Last time we explored 3 markers for considering health benefits and risks – clinical effect, side effect and lethal dose 50. We discovered that when using papaya leaf that the dosage level from one marker to the next is very large, making the possibility of negative results highly unlikely. In a lethal dose 50 study done by Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, the lethal dose 50 test found that this plant is safe according to EU (European Union) and WHO (World Health Organisation) standards.

Let us consider a concept called “poorification” which results when chemicals are isolated from their naturally occurring neighbours. The body is highly complex, to make a gross understatement. Many chemicals involved in healing receive synergistic effects from companion chemicals found in the plants from which they are derived. Therefore, poorification occurs when plant based chemicals are removed from plants and purified.

How will we successfully minimize the negative economic effects of such diseases as malaria? Let us look at the numbers. In Uganda, where malaria is endemic, people get this life threatening disease twice annually on the average. With over 40 million people they have over 80 million cases of malaria annually!! Plants can provide millions of doses of medicine, per hectare!!, making this treatment option a workable solution.

What about the drawbacks? I have been hard pressed to find any and would welcome any stories, anecdotal or otherwise, from you. I know that in countries where post mortems are not routine, that if a person tries a treatment then dies of a totally unrelated cause, that the treatment can be seen as the cause of death. This is a potential drawback.

Often where money is a constraint, people will wait until they are almost dead to go to a clinic. Perhaps a week. Once at the clinic they frequently die as the disease was too far advanced to treat. With plant based options people can treat themselves at early onset, improving their chance of surviving, and thriving! Treatment time period is commonly 3 days. Thus the person can try two dosage levels in an attempt to get a clinical effect before they would normally go to the hospital.
People must understand that symptoms which might indicate a particular disease may be something else and they need to remain open to the need to go to hospital or a clinic to seek treatment and or diagnosis.

Please take some time to research such options and consider your ability to make positive change through being informed.

Kind Regards

Why Plant based Health Options?

The answer to this question may take at two directions – domestic and developing countries. We will look primarily at developing countries. The old 80/20 rule may apply here – 20 percent of the worlds population has 80 percent of the money. So the developed world has plenty of ability to buy produced health options.
What about our neighbours in developing countries who do not have this option? Are they denied health for this reason? I contend not. Plants have provided the chemical basis for 80-85 percent of the pharmaceutical chemical preparations we enjoy. Did men formulated all the chemicals that provide us with health?
Some pills during the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry have contained plant material as the health giving agent. Why not cut out the middle man?
Dosage is a big reason. How do we ensure people do not harm themselves? I cannot comment on a broad variety of plant based options, but I can about papaya leaf which can treat two of the 4 big killers – malaria and dysentery, plus worms.
There are at least three dosage levels to consider. Clinical effect, where the plant material provides the desired health effect. Side effect, where the chemical ingestion causes a negative effect, these are many. And lethal dose 50, which is the dosage at which 50 percent of the animals in the experiment are killed, resulting in a dosage, generally milograms per kilo of body weight, which is dangerous.
With papaya, the difference from one level to the next is in the magnitude of 10 to 20 times. A piece of leaf the size of ones palm will give a clinical effect whereas 7-8 full sized leaves are required for a side effect. This gives great latitude for dosage and minimizes the chance of side effects.
Please research and consider so you may be open to learning and feeling confident suggesting plant based options for people who have no other options.
There is so much more which could be said, so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Please see anamed.net . Anamed, Action for Natural Medicine, is a German based organization that researches and promotes plant based health options.
Research is needed into these plant based options, but there is nothing to sell, only economies to be built!!

Kind Regards

February Followup – Haiti

The month in Haiti was fantastic – and too short!!

Following are several photos and explanations


Those moringa trees behind the guys were planted 14 months previous and are over 20 feet tall. These trees provide a good supply of seeds. Some of the original trees were kept pruned at 6 feet, forming a hedge, which provides the sprouts that people like to eat – below you see them on the table. This table is in the Children’s Lifeline canteen where about 2,800 meals are prepared – daily!!

Children's Lifeline Canteen

Children’s Lifeline Canteen

The new developments during this visit included a terracing demonstration – great way to reduce erosion – the number one agricultural issue on the globe! Haiti does not lack rocks for this intervention.


We created a moringa leaf drier. A product for local consumption and medical intervention for malnourished children can be generated in this drier. The sloping frontal section faces south, creating the heat and draft required to dry the product.


This view of the back shows the shelves where leaves are dried.


I experimented, successfully, using cardboard boxes as mulch to reduce moisture loss from the soil surface while seeds sprouted and trees were established. The boxes were simply torn to remove the ground cover where the trees sprouted – thus providing light for the seedling and ongoing mulch and moisture retention while trees continued to develop. Very good technology!! Rats – no photos.

Erosion in mountainous areas has been identified as an international issue. These braced cardboard dams will hold soil and water, creating a level area behind. The green foliage you see will root, creating a living wall. Nature provides many low cost options to improve soil retention and agricultural outcomes.


During my last visit I spoke with Dr Carmel about people using papaya leaves and leaf tea to reduce stomach aches and stomach worms. She told me she has suggested it to many of her clients. These people have reported positive results. See my posts on this topic. Nature provides a ready, ongoing supply of remedies to every day health issues.

Any questions or feedback?? Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards, Tim

Off to Haiti, 2015

I am once again privileged to be able to take a month to spend in Haiti.

Children’s Lifeline, http://www.childrenslifeline.com/, has asked me to do agricultural education with the local community. I am currently thinking about using a 3 square model – composting, trees and vegetables being the 3 components.

Covering the soil with mulch or compost in tropical climates helps reduce the effect of intense sunshine. This improves the microbial life and the soils fertility.

Thanks for your interest in reducing poverty, disease and improving food security. I hope my postings have helped you thrive.

Take a little ride up the road to Children’s Lifeline compound – hang on!!!

Kind Regards, Tim

Drinking and New Years – The Truth Revealed

In her book, Emotional Fitness, Janice Berger categorizes human emotions into 10 general doors to go through – need, worthlessness, shame, guilt, anxiety – fear – panic, anger, powerlessness, hurt – regret – grief, loneliness and numbness – deadness – flatness.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol has its genesis in two of these categories, hurt – regret – grief and numbness – deadness – flatness.

First, I am not opposed to the social or medicinal drink. Alcohol aids digestion and has positive health benefits when used in moderation. In the bible, Paul recommended Timothy use a bit of alcohol to help his stomach. Sound advice.

When used to assuage hurt or to make ourselves feel, we are using a crutch rather than dealing with the underlying issue, our damaged emotional state.

Deadness and flatness is acquired in adulthood through the childhood coping mechanism of pushing down our feelings. Children do this to protect themselves from real feelings which are too difficult to deal with. Also, when expressing feelings is unacceptable we learn to repress them. People who are abused at home may suffer worse treatment if they told their parents how they really feel!! Lack of knowledge about this coping mechanism and the fact that there is a way out, leads people to carry the behaviour, ie keeping feelings bottled up inside, into their adult lives. Depression is in fact caused by the depressing of our feelings!!

So where does alcohol come into play? Alcohol loosens our inhibitions and allows us to have a normal range of emotions. Which route to a healthy emotional life seems best to you? 1. Dealing with the underlying causes through understanding our emotional makeup and doing emotional work, or 2. drinking our way to health problems or worse?

The second cause of excess alcohol consumption may be to assuage hurt. Being hurt is an inevitable part of life. Others may hurt us in order to get something they want, while it all the while feels like something they did against us. We all suffer disappointment and lose, be it in relationships, work, recreational pursuits or health matters. Learning how to feel through so that these loses do not build up inside is a great skill to acquire.

The ability to finish with feeling by feeling through is based on the premise that all feelings can be reduced to a manageable level by allowing ourselves to feel them until they are complete. Parents may learn let a frightened child cry until the feelings are finished, this is a skill.

As adults, we need to learn the skill of feeling through so that we do not deal with our held emotions in destructive manners – like excessive alcohol consumption which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver or a car accident, hurting ourselves and others.

Happy New Year. Kind Regards, Tim

Another Shooting??

Emotions and the News – Another Shooting???

Psychologist Janice Berger has broken down emotions into 10 predominant categories – need, worthlessness, shame, guilt, anxiety – fear – panic, anger, powerlessness, hurt – regret – grief, loneliness and numbness – deadness – flatness. There is much overlap in terms of the way these emotions exhibit themselves in behavioural patterns; please keep this in mind regarding the observations and conclusions made here.

Guns don’t kill, people do

Why another shooting? Power, hurt or anger may be the underlying issue.
Powerlessness is acquired by – 1. Anger can be a way to cover irrational guilt, which is guilt which we take on when we try to take responsibility for events that we have no control over. An example would be a failed parental relationship; 2. The inability to appropriately express or discharge anger as children leads to anger as adults; 3. learning at a young age that expressing anger was unacceptable to others and we may suffer punishment, rejection or the withdrawal of affection or approval if we express anger; and 4. children are not equipped to explain, defend, justify or document their feelings. When we ask them to do so, their right to their anger is diminished.

Clearly, there are many opportunities to harbour anger within. This anger may exhibit itself in many ways – outbursts, group activities such as mob violence even when the cause is socially acceptable, sexual violence, bullying against people or pets, shootings!! Make the connection between so many news stories and these ways that anger exhibits itself.

So how do we reduce or eliminate these negative outcomes? According to Janice Berger, we have a built in healing mechanism. Our flesh heals itself with little or no intervention on our parts. Our emotions, read mental health, requires our cooperation – recognizing that blame and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. Understanding the mechanisms and framework in which we operate personally in the emotional realm.

You can get more input by taking a look at my Emotional House, which is a free download from my website. Or for a minimal fee take a look at the Emotional Guide. I care about you and the way our world looks!!

In summary, you have the ability to link your current emotional issue with past events, then feel through what you experienced in the past. This feeling through deflates the balloon of held emotion which drives your disconnected behaviours – the violence (in this discussion) that wrecks relationships or your own life.

As a Christian, recognizing that real power lies in the hands of God also puts my humanity into perspective. That is an area of life you may chose to explore.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and fulfilling 2015. Tim

What would you like for Christmas?

My friend asked me what I would like for Christmas. My reply was my two front teeth!! Really what I would like is an end to global hunger.

Science makes real progress each year in feeding the world. GMO’s have produced massive amounts of food and they are controversial, and I am not supporting or rejecting them. Time will tell. GMO’s have focused on annual plants while tropical agricultural stability and stability of food supply may rest on tree based agriculture – deep rooted, drought resistant plants. For people from the northern hemisphere with continental climates, please consider a different approach rather than a variation of annuals based agriculture – we have warm and cold seasons while tropical climates have wet and dry seasons.

One website says that 90% of the poorest of the poor live in the 10/40 window. Areas with tropical climates. So how do we improve their food security?

In Niger farmers may plant their crops up to 5 times in order to get a good plant population. This requires an incredible amount of work and seed. Tree based agriculture negates this as the trees simply go dormant during periods of drought and grow when rains start. No uncertainty of food supply.

Moringa has many benefits. It is a complete food – contains all 9 essential amino acids and vitamin C. People from the developed world have been indoctrinated on the need for a varied diet etc etc. People who lack resources like a 4 burner stove, an oven and lots of pots and pans, often eat a limited variety of foods. So what option do they have for realizing good nutrition? How about 1 food that has it all?
People living in tropical climates with wet and dry seasons, may dry food in order to survive the lean, dry months. This food may be used to feed humans and animals. What about a single source complete food packed with nutrients? Moringa leaf powder has many benefits. Take a look at these stats…



eating mooring for natural health


(This is not an endorsement of these company products or to be construed as medical advice).

A great source of information is to put moringa leaf powder into your favourite search engine and take a look at images – tons of great info!!

Have more(-inga) energy in your day.

Kind Regards, Tim

PS You do not need to be a bonafide nutritional expert to know whether you feel better after eating a food!!

Moringa Powder and Orange Juice

Hey Moringa Lovers,

I have read about drinking raw moringa leaf powder with orange juice but never tried it, until recently. It is great!!

Moringa powder has a distinctive flavor – it is a very rich organic taste with some horse radish like heat. This taste is completely masked by the orange juice. Very cool!!

I have also sprinkled the leaves on my food which is the recommended method of ingestion by anamed – Action for Natural Medicine. (anamed.net) This method has very little effect on the taste of the food, while allowing us to get the benefits of the raw powder.

Cooking does denature some of the components, but the only way to eat the immature pods is boiled in salty water! This is a food which is full of beneficial oleic acids, commonly associated with olive oil and very abundant in moringa oil.

Morgina has amazing benefits

Have any great moringa recipes? Feel free to share them here.

Kind Regards, Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season,


Drug Resistant Bacteria / Virus Threat

Recent news stories are creating fear about the drug resistant bacteria and viruses which are wreaking havoc with national health. I do not want to diminish the real problems this causes for some people but rather hold out hope that solutions exist and are readily available – plant based options. Especially moringa powder with it’s many benefits.

Moringa contains a great many cytokinins, the class of chemicals which control the seasonal development and life cycle of plants. Similar chemicals exist in the human body and control and influence our immune systems.

There is not sufficient space hear to do justice to the subject, suffice to say that Monica Marcu, Pharm.D., Ph.D., develops this knowledge in her book, Moringa, An Introduction (ISBN 978-193305771-2).

I have included a link to a great article on her work.

Hope you find this helpful and hopeful!

The old saying is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The metric equivalent, a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure, increases the benefits of prevention many fold!

Does it make sense to treat illness with a single chemical option which bacteria and viruses can adapt to, or use a complex of chemicals which acts in synergistic fashion to empower our immune systems and/or treat illnesses? What do you think? The complex of chemicals is readily available from plant based sources and may act in a synergistic fashion with existing treatment options.

My studies on multi-drug resistant malaria have revealed that there is a glyco-protein pump which regulates the internal atmosphere of the bacteria. This same pump recognizes the drug which could kill it, and subsequently excretes it. On a hopeful note, this glyco-protein pump can be shut down with a bioflavinoid complex – available in moringa! Could this be the answer to drug resistance?

In summary, I believe there are two fronts on which to fight disease. One, enlivening our immune systems with moringa powder – this represents no potential for negative drug interaction. The other front is the use of moringa powder in conjunction with current treatment options, potentially resulting better outcomes for two reasons – an improvement in the functioning of the persons immune system as well as the potential shutting down of the disease organisms defense system.

The writers accepts no responsibility for negative consequences, real or imagined, from the implementation of this concept. Please consult a medical professional.

Kind Regards, Tim

Cultural Perspective on Plant Based Medicine

Moringa trees thrive in arid Haiti

image (3)

The photo above shows the moringa trees planted in early May, 2014 as they thrive against all odds in the hostile Haitian climate.

These trees, when they are mature, will produce a strain of seeds which contain a tendency toward drought resistance. Successive generations of plants produced under the same conditions with the seed from the aforementioned trees, will create an excellent strain for direct seeding on the hillside gardens where irrigation is not available.

Another Haitian success story!!

Many thanks to Touch Marketing for making this good news story available.

Kind Regards,


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