Clean Water

Timothy Wise desires to assist in international development programs that provide clean water in nations that need it.

Internationally, how do we clean water? and alleviate water problems by improving access to clean water?  1.8 million people die annually from water borne diseases. Most of these people live in the 10/40 window, the very place that the “miracle tree” grows. This is of course the moringa tree. Moringa tree seeds contain a flocullant, the substance which causes the soil particles to coagulate and settle from the water, taking along with them many of the pathogens and bacteria, in this way providing clean water. (Modern water treatment facilities use aluminum sulphate to resolve this water issue.) The seed also contains a water cleansing chemical. Rural, agricultural  communities can easily include this tree as part of their environment and use its seeds to improve health, to make no mention of the health effects/ food production of its components.


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