Drug Resistant Bacteria / Virus Threat

Recent news stories are creating fear about the drug resistant bacteria and viruses which are wreaking havoc with national health. I do not want to diminish the real problems this causes for some people but rather hold out hope that solutions exist and are readily available – plant based options. Especially moringa powder with it’s many benefits.

Moringa contains a great many cytokinins, the class of chemicals which control the seasonal development and life cycle of plants. Similar chemicals exist in the human body and control and influence our immune systems.

There is not sufficient space hear to do justice to the subject, suffice to say that Monica Marcu, Pharm.D., Ph.D., develops this knowledge in her book, Moringa, An Introduction (ISBN 978-193305771-2).

I have included a link to a great article on her work.

Hope you find this helpful and hopeful!

The old saying is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The metric equivalent, a gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure, increases the benefits of prevention many fold!

Does it make sense to treat illness with a single chemical option which bacteria and viruses can adapt to, or use a complex of chemicals which acts in synergistic fashion to empower our immune systems and/or treat illnesses? What do you think? The complex of chemicals is readily available from plant based sources and may act in a synergistic fashion with existing treatment options.

My studies on multi-drug resistant malaria have revealed that there is a glyco-protein pump which regulates the internal atmosphere of the bacteria. This same pump recognizes the drug which could kill it, and subsequently excretes it. On a hopeful note, this glyco-protein pump can be shut down with a bioflavinoid complex – available in moringa! Could this be the answer to drug resistance?

In summary, I believe there are two fronts on which to fight disease. One, enlivening our immune systems with moringa powder – this represents no potential for negative drug interaction. The other front is the use of moringa powder in conjunction with current treatment options, potentially resulting better outcomes for two reasons – an improvement in the functioning of the persons immune system as well as the potential shutting down of the disease organisms defense system.

The writers accepts no responsibility for negative consequences, real or imagined, from the implementation of this concept. Please consult a medical professional.

Kind Regards, Tim

Cultural Perspective on Plant Based Medicine

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