Ecological Energy Production in Haiti

Electricity in rural settings is a luxury many cannot afford. On a recent trip to Haiti I began the process of electricity production using water power – zero emissions power based on the water cycle!

Following is the video of the water wheel. It sits on the head waters of a canal system which encourages agricultural production. In time this water wheel will have one or several 350 watt generator(s) attached. It will provide power to the orphanage, power a pump providing water to the garden and a telephone charging station – the latter essential to village life!!

I planted many moringa trees in our established garden and cannot believe the growth rate of those trees. Check out this photo of one days growth (about 1.5 inches) after a 20 minute rain the night before. We use terracing and vetiver grass to hold rain water on the hillside – very good techniques!!

photo to come later


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