Happy New Year

Hi fellow interneters,

Hope 2013 was a great year and that 2014 is even better. I am looking forward to enjoying good health, DV, using moringa powder to boost my immune system and provide excellent dietary supplimentation. Plus neem leaf powder to fend off the flu and common cold when they come a knocking at my door. I have successfully fended off a cold and flu in the last 2 months of 2013 using neem leaf powder. I make a cup of very bitter tea using a rounded teaspoon of the neem leaf powder, add the boiling water, let it steep until the temperature is drinkable, then down the whole thing, leaves and all.

Neem Tree

A note to those who are in the family way – neem is an effective birth control product so be careful. In fact it can cause abortions and makes men temporarily sterile. This could be good and it could be bad depending what you want.

Look forward to your feedback on what you would like to know about neem or moringa powder benefits. Happy New Year and Happy reading as you improve your health outcomes using an approach that works for you.

Kind Regards,

Tim Wise

I appreciate your view point, please feel free to share

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