Maternal and Child Health

This weekends meeting on maternal and child health concluded that women need access to birth control. Not forced but family planning. This is a noteworthy recommendation.
All such suggestions come with the assumption that people can afford such interventions – as provided by the “western” medical establishment.
Unfortunately, most cannot. Money does not largely exist to research low or no cost plant based methods of, in this case, birth control.
In Indonesia, many women eat green papaya fruits for birth control. These fruits contain progesterone blocking substances. The quantity of such phtyo-substances varies from fruit to fruit and region to region. So putting a neat recommendation of dosage on such remedies is difficult. Suffice to say that eating papaya products in general is very safe.
Perhaps this is an area where significant resources should be placed if there is real interest in maternal health – rather than profits.
The internet is flooded with papaya based studies on a variety of topics, so feast yourself!!
Kind Regards, Tim

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