Moringa Powder and Orange Juice

Hey Moringa Lovers,

I have read about drinking raw moringa leaf powder with orange juice but never tried it, until recently. It is great!!

Moringa powder has a distinctive flavor – it is a very rich organic taste with some horse radish like heat. This taste is completely masked by the orange juice. Very cool!!

I have also sprinkled the leaves on my food which is the recommended method of ingestion by anamed – Action for Natural Medicine. ( This method has very little effect on the taste of the food, while allowing us to get the benefits of the raw powder.

Cooking does denature some of the components, but the only way to eat the immature pods is boiled in salty water! This is a food which is full of beneficial oleic acids, commonly associated with olive oil and very abundant in moringa oil.

Morgina has amazing benefits

Have any great moringa recipes? Feel free to share them here.

Kind Regards, Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season,


I appreciate your view point, please feel free to share

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