Fun Poem from the Long Weekend Shin Dig!

Scott and Leanne Campbell graciously hosted a little party, so to honour them I orally presented this self composed poem.

Now we all know a stud named Scott Campbell,
Whose knowledge of business is like a deep well.
RRSP, RDSP, TFSA and RVP and the like,
Are all things that to Scott represent a lucky strike.
Now if Scotty lived in the far north,
I’m sure he could sell refrigerators, ice cubes and so forth.
Getting a home in the wilds of the province,
Was something about which he had made many comments.
So we are happy now it became a reality,
And your away from the influence of the big, smoky city.
We thank you and Leanne for your copious kindness,
But we won’t call you your royal highness.
May you enjoy many years in your country place,
Maybe even after your finished in the race trace.
Thanks again for your kind hospitality,
And may you have a great year in your current modality.

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