Preserve and Preserve some more!

Preserving or canning does not need to difficult. I will share my simple, repeatable method which now requires no thought on my part.

I collect used jars with the lids attached. I inspect the lid to make sure the ring of material that seals the jar is in good order. Then I wash and store these jars.

To begin canning, I simply rinse the jars with clean water, boil the kettle, line up the jars with the lids in front, then pour about an inch of the water into the jar and fill the upturned lid so all are fairly sterile.

Cooking the ingredients to be canned is a very easy recipe. Maybe I should be a bit more daring sometime so if you come up with good recipes, let me know!! I simply use 50/50 boiled water and apple cider vinegar, 2 heaping tablespoons of garlic powder and a half teaspoon of salt in a liter or so of product. After this concoction has boiled for a few minutes, it is spooned into the jars, topped up with boiling liquid (about a millimeter from the top), clean off the rim with my finger, screw the lid on loose, move the jar to the cooling spot a few feet away, screw the lid on tight. In several minutes you hear pop as the jar seals. That is about it.

If the stuff goes bad in winter just toss it out. About 1 in 100 goes bad so the success rate is very high.

I am currently canning wild lettuce flower buds, (unexploded), and harvesting lambsquarters flower buds for drying. Just finished cattail flowers a few weeks ago. My next post will give directions for cattail flowers as it has a few steps but nothing you can’t master.

Happy foraging, and remember there is lots to go around!!

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