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Getting together with family and friends is one of the big highlights at Christmas. It may also be a cause of stress! Having a few party icebreaker questions or a quiz can add fun to our time together. One such question I heard this past year was “What do you think have been the major human advancement over the course of history?” Great open ended question.

Following are 20 questions, plus a bonus question on ancient Egypt. Hope its fun and enlightening!

1. Along what river were the temples of Queen Nofretari, Queen Kom Ombo and Queen Amenhotep found? Answer – The Nile
2. What natural barrier girded the valley of the Nile, making it difficult to invade? Answer – the deserts.
3. Egypt was divided into two area, Upper and Lower Egypt and it had one ruler. What was his title? Answer – pharaoh
4. What important history recording function had its genesis in Egypt? Answer – writing
5. What type of large scale projects tamed the Nile and promoted agriculture? Answer – irrigation made up of canals and dikes.
6. What marvel at Gizeh took over 200 years to construct? Answer – the pyramids
7. What stone, discovered by Napoleon’s men, allowed Champollion to decipher the hieroglyphics? Answer – the rosetta stone.
8. Besides hieroglyphics, what two languages appeared on the rosetta stone? Answer – Greek and Demotic, an Egyptian script
9. What is a common term for what the Egyptians called a “house of eternity”? Answer – a tomb
10. Egyptians had a saying, “That to speak the name of the dead is to make him…”? Answer – live again
11. What king/pharaoh reigned 67 years, had 100 plus children and commissioned Egypt’s largest buildings? Answer Ramses the second, also called “The Great”.
12. The Nile and its tributaries flows over 4,000 miles and is formed by two great rivers – the Blue and White Nile. Where do these two rivers have their origins? Answer – Ethiopia and Uganda, respectively
13. Where do these rivers join before flowing north 1,900 miles to the Mediterranean sea? Answer – Khartoum
14. How did deltas get their name? Answer – Their triangular shape resembled the Greek letter delta.
15. What did nilometers measure? Answer – The rise and fall of the Nile river.
16. Why was the rise and fall of the Nile river important? Answer – So the Pharaoh could predict the fortunes of the nation.
17. Egyptians made paper and what other commodity from papyrus reeds? Answer – Ropes for ships rigging
18. Egyptians were polytheists, having many gods. What was Re the god of? Answer – the sun
19. Ancient Egyptians called their sun baked clay and chaff bricks “tobe”, from which we get our word abobe. Clay bricks were used to construct buildings for the living. What material was used to construct house for the dead? Answer – stone
20. What was the job of a scribe? Answer – record keeping
Bonus question – Khuel’s pyramid, a 13 acres site, was leveled using a system of ditches filled with water. What is the discrepancy in measurement in the southeast corner? Answer – half an inch!
Congratulations and Merry Christmas.

Kind Regards, Tim

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