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Benefits of Papaya Leaf extract / tea

Enjoy and hope you find better health as a result. “Health is for all, not only those with money”. Tim Wise, March 7,2014

Haiti Agricultural Program

Wow, two weeks have flashed by and the agricultural (ag) program at Mission Lifeline in Arachaie, Haiti has begun.

Adam and Jordani are the two capable Haitian men who will care for the gardens – both natural men of the soil who love plants and feel responsible for the project and its outcome.

The clearing of the land, rounding up the stones, subduing those small cactus plants with the barbed thorns, cutting back the euphorbia curalis trees which we named burning milk trees because the copious quantity of milky sap they ooze when cut or bent burns ones skin, and the sweating by the bucketful, were all part of the experience. The result was about half an acre of fertile land that will yield well with the addition of a little seed, water, mulch and local fertilizer ie well rotted manure. With temperatures in the mid thirties, the photo below shows the dramatic results of moringa seedlings started at the garden. Moringa is the second fastest growing tree in the world and provides a complete compliment of amino acids and vitamin C – a complete diet in one simple package!!

Mission Lifeline has done a tremendous job of developing personnel who are on time at the airport, understand our needs as guests, cook the most amazing food and kept our accommodation clean and tidy. The facilities were second to none, with beautiful tiled rooms and showers, ensuite kitchenette, screened windows for insect control and full laundry services.

The cultural angle included roosters crowing and dogs barking in the wee hours and the ladies from the kitchen who gather for prayer and worship at 4.30am prior to starting work at 5, Monday through Friday. Early to bed, greeting the sunrise and taking a siesta seemed to work well.

At our closing meeting, we determined that the risk factor to the garden was the persistent goats. Grazing animals represent a considerable deterant to agricultural development in many countries. Let’s hope the thorny fences hold up well.!

Off to Haiti!!

The time has come to put to practice the hard won knowledge of moringa and other tropical agricultural interventions.

On January 28, my friend Chester Venhuisen and I will depart Pearson airport for Haiti, where we will work with Children’s Lifeline in Arcahaie (about 1 hours drive north of Porte au Prince). The mission has one couple from the USA on site, employs over 150 people from the surrounding area and feeds 3,000 children per day. Our mission, should we choose to accept it (which we have!!), is to create an agricultural program. This program will produce food for the mission as well as teach the local people how to use moringa and a variety of other crops to improve their own health outcomes. Very exciting for people like myself with a green thumb and passion for improving people lives. We will be introducing the concept of tree based agriculture as a component in food security. Trees can be used to create micro climates where more tender vegetable crops can thrive.

I was reading some technical notes about moringa today which say that under intense culture, moringa can produce 650 tons of vegetables per hectare. Is global hunger really necessary? Considering that people can and like to use this this veggie as a dried additive to soups and stews. I would say there a lot of moringa powder benefits , which is why I own

We will also be promoting the use of vetiver grass for erosion control, contouring hillsides, mulching and soil reclamation. There are great youtube videos on this subject.

There is also a construction education component in which we will be teaching the building trades. Such as carpentry, masonry, concrete work and other construction techniques.

Keep an eye open for my online sales of moringa powder, a product of Haiti. This will be a product which gives twice – benefits your health and the Haitian economy. Is this the new model for global development?

Thanks for your support of this venture. Keep an eye on my blogs!! Which will be available, technology permitting!!

Happy New Year

Hi fellow interneters,

Hope 2013 was a great year and that 2014 is even better. I am looking forward to enjoying good health, DV, using moringa powder to boost my immune system and provide excellent dietary supplimentation. Plus neem leaf powder to fend off the flu and common cold when they come a knocking at my door. I have successfully fended off a cold and flu in the last 2 months of 2013 using neem leaf powder. I make a cup of very bitter tea using a rounded teaspoon of the neem leaf powder, add the boiling water, let it steep until the temperature is drinkable, then down the whole thing, leaves and all.

Neem Tree

A note to those who are in the family way – neem is an effective birth control product so be careful. In fact it can cause abortions and makes men temporarily sterile. This could be good and it could be bad depending what you want.

Look forward to your feedback on what you would like to know about neem or moringa powder benefits. Happy New Year and Happy reading as you improve your health outcomes using an approach that works for you.

Kind Regards,

Tim Wise

Moringa is GREAT, but…

… it is difficult to get the powder to dissolve in water, sometimes. I recently got a batch from which seems to be mixing just fine.
However, for every problem there is a solution. Check out this video on how to make a moringa smoothie. Looks delicious.
I am not promoting the company or its products, just thought the video was excellent.

Enjoy and hope you have a healthy day!!

PS – look forward to hearing back from you, particularly in the near future when I launch my own line of moringa products which will be BAM – business and missions. I will be combining my international development/food security interests with the opportunity to offer health giving products. Because moringa powder benefits are many and yours truly is getting them!!

Benefits of a plant based Diet

plant based dietsHere is a link to a very interesting article on the benefits of a plant based diet. While it dos not mention moringa powder, the presence of all nine essential amino acids and vitamin C make moringa one of a few high quality plant based foods.

Thanks to ex-Presidents, celebrities like Natalie Portman (pictured) and Russell Brand, along with numerous books and documentaries, like “Forks Over Knives,” we’re all starting to hear the message that a plant-based diet is where it’s at. That means eating lots of greens, beans, legumes, whole grains, fruits – and saying farewell to meat and processed foods.

Hey, it might just do your mind & body some major good. After all, it’s been shown a plant-based diet improves energy level, sheds extra pounds and even improves your sex life. Perhaps, its greatest benefit is that these foods can actually prevent and reverse a number of chronic diseases from cancer to diabetes to heart disease to name just a few!

“A plant-based diet also detoxifies the body naturally, helps shed unwanted body fat by cutting off the blood supply to fat cells and normalizes gut health while never leaving people feeling hungry, deprived or addicted,” adds to Dr. Stoll to Healthy Hollywood. read more…

The Advantages Of A Plant-Based Diet

Have a great health filled day!! Tim

Moringa and B.A.M.

global hunger can be solved with the right approachI had a very exciting conversation yesterday with the financial guy from a large NGO. We were discussing the recent interest in BAM – business and missions.

One in seven people go to bed hungry, 1.8 million people die from bad water in developing countries and developed countries are looking for medical interventions with our aging populations. Is there an opportunity here?

I believe there is. The evidence of the benefits of moringa is overwhelming. Anyone with internet access can search for moringapowderbenefits and get a plethora of results. Dr Marcu, PhD, wrote a great booklet about the medical research that highlights the technical data supporting the awesome health benefits.

Moringa trees grow only in climates with no frost, so our neighbors in developing countries have an excellent opportunity.

All we need to do is rev up our blenders every morning, add a little fruit, moringa powder, maybe milk or yogurt and we are on the road to a healthier life!!

Hope you enjoy the benefits as I do.

Kind Regards, Tim

Moringa and Pangolins

A pangolin is a rare armoured animal which is being exploited. It is being killed in order to be used as “medicine” to help women produce more breast milk. According to an article in the September, 2013 issue of National Geographic.

Rare Pangolin

Rare Pangolin

It must be very chewy or just plain hard on your dental work being an armoured critter!

Moringa, with its complete amino acid profile, also helps to increase milk production. It works with both animals and humans. In fact, when fed to dairy cows it may increase milk production by as much as 30%.

Here is a sample article from my internet search –
Please note that I am not promoting any product line, only the use of moringa in general.

Top 10 reasons to embrace Moringa

Top 10 reasons to embrace Moringa

1. Food – moringa contains all 9 essential amino acids plus vitamin C making it a complete food. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals. The flowers, pods, leaves and roots are edible. Harvesting can begin 4 months after planting. One in seven people go to bed hungry in our world today. I am 5 feet 10 inches and 150 pounds (slight build) and getting hungry is difficult for me.
2. Medicine – moringa treats over 300 diseases. It boosts the immune system. The root is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Great for aching baby boomers.
3. Developing country medical needs – over 30 million people living with HIV/AIDS have no access to free medications. Moringa and artemisia annua can treat these people for pennies per day – not $1-6 for conventional treatment options. Plants have no resistance or rising cost issues! Agricultural societies are given self determination.
4. Water – 1.8 million people die annually from “bad” water. Moringa acts as a floculant and water purifier. Flocullants coagulate the water borne particles, causing bacteria laced dirt to settle out. The resulting “sludge” is an environmentally friendly compost, unlike aluminum sulphate laced sludge. Moringa contains a protein which kills harmful viruses and bacteria.
5. Carbon capture – moringa is the second fastest growing plant on the planet after bamboo. It can grow up to 4 meters per year. In Hawaii, people are harvesting 280,000 pounds of leaves per acre per year!!
6. Drought resistance – moringa thrives in hot climates. It will not tolerate freezing. It will start to grow at the end of the dry season, before the rains start. This is the hungry season in countries with this seasonal weather pattern. It even grows in sand.
7. Environment – the biggest agricultural issue on the planet is erosion. Trees help with this by stabilizing the soil with their roots. Leaves break the energy of rain drops as they plummet to earth. (Many grasses, including vetiver, have a big role to play here).
8. Food security – planting annual crops such as corn, beans, wheat, barley, oats and peas carries the risk of crop failure from adverse weather patterns at critical times in the cropping cycle. Trees are much less susceptible to such issues. Many trees are destroyed in cyclones and heavy weather conditions. If you cut off a moringa tree at ground level, or freeze the above ground portion, it readily regrows from the stump or roots. Energy balance in agriculture – the law of diminishing returns states there is a point at which inputs are not returned by increased output. Trees require minimal input as they do not require the same levels of soil tillage. Their deep rooted nature means they require less water.
9. Business opportunity – dried moringa leaves store very well are a wonderful source of concentrated nutrients. A few grams of leaves contains enough vitamin A to prevent blindness. Over 500,000 people annually go blind from lack of vitamin A.
10. Enjoyment – people are stressed from over work. Moringa’s vitamin B complex helps tremendously with this. Need a low calorie quick meal? Moringa drink is great!! Hospitals which had patients looking at the color green had improved healing rates. Let’s turn our world green and reap the benefits. Believe it or not, people in hot climates tell me they would rather go hungry than pick the leaves off their trees. I think they can have both.

What do you think about this tree and it’s benefits? Loads of great resources/youtube videos exist.

Awesome moringa video

Check out this video if you are interested in the possibility of moringa, particularly in developing countries.

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