What is Mental Health?

What is mental health? Globally, 4 million people search out this topic every month. The answer is more lengthy than we have time for here. In my novels, I attempt to draw the reader into an understanding of social health by developing a vocabulary which we can use to understand our own actions, reactions and behaviors. Mental health disorders have many roots – but not an unending list. Will you start the journey to understanding? Mental illness or mental diseases, like most diseases, have a cure, or at least we have the ability to interact with our emotions in an effective, life giving way which leads to varied and positive benefits. I strongly believe emotional health is achievable. We need to rise to the challenge of gaining an understanding, getting a vocabulary and facing our own emotional dis-ease in order to raise the societal bar. I look forward to the benefits you and your family will accrue from this painful and worthwhile journey. Mental health problems can be beaten – lets do this together!

your mental health is comprised of the various stories of your emotional house

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