Winterizing Your Mower

Winter will soon be officially here! With the leaves all down and snow flying (depending where you are) it’s time to put away the lawnmower.

I was watching a video that says the mower engine is a fairly simple mechanism. therefore, only a few simple tricks make a spring start very easy. The gas makes its way to the fuel bowl by gravity. From there it moves through the carburetor where a very small tube allows it to be mixed with air by virtue of the venturi effect. The venturi effect is caused by the air being drawn into the engine.

It is the plugging of this very small hole that usually causes malfunctioning. Therefore, after warming up the lawnmower, shut it off, drain or pour out the remaining gas, then start it up and allow it to run until it quits on its own.

This should allow you an easy start next spring. The same principle applies to the snowblower!!

Have a great day, Tim

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